Pioneering Protein Degradation for Targeted Therapies

Laigo Bio is at the forefront of a revolutionary era in biotechnology - one that offers new hope for eradicating disease-causing targets through protein degradation. Even targets that have long eluded traditional therapeutic approaches are now within reach.

Our unique approach

At Laigo Bio, we have devised a novel technology (SureTACs) that facilitates the precise removal of proteins located on any cell surface.

Our pioneering technology leverages cellular pathways for ubiquitin-mediated degradation. Our approach involves bispecific antibodies designed to bind membrane targets. By promoting the proximity of the target with a membrane-bound E3 ligase, we effectively direct any cell surface target towards lysosomal degradation. Central to our success is our in-depth understanding of E3 ligase function, highlighted by the importance of pairing the right E3 ligase with each target we consider.

Our Science

Selecting the Right Targets


Utilizing combined transcriptome and proteome analysis, and our unique screening platform, we pinpoint the ideal target-ligase bispecific combination tailored to specific cancer indications and improve tumour-tissue specificity.

Unearthing New Possibilities


Our unique discovery engine empowers us to develop E3 ligase binders. We carefully select E3 ligases expressed on cell membranes, enabling us to produce degraders for currently undruggable proteins. The result? Exceptionally selective bispecifics we call "SureTACs" (Surface Removal Targeting Chimeras).

Broadening Our Horizons


While we initially focus on oncology, addressing novel immune-oncology targets and intractable oncogenic drivers in our pipeline programs, we will be swiftly expanding into new therapeutic domains, including immunology and neuroinflammation.


SureTACs - Principle 


SureTACs = Surface Removal Targeting Chimeras



Step 1

Diseased state
Membrane protein (in blue) causes disease by inappropriate signaling activity. Diseased cell expresses specific target and E3 ligase proteins at its surface

Step 2

SureTAC design
Heterobispecific SureTACsTM antibody is designed to bring selected E3 ligase in close proximity to the target membrane-bound protein 

Step 3

Therapeutic activity
SureTAC treatment induces E3 ligase-mediated ubiquitination of the target protein following by its removal from the cell surface and subsequent degradation 


Our Commitment


Laigo's proprietary SureTAC platform empowers us to rapidly develop first-in-class dual targeted therapies that eliminate disease-driving membrane targets using straightforward bispecific antibody technology. We are committed to exploring an ever-evolving universe of new targets, including those currently considered undruggable, and we are open to strategic partnerships to make meaningful advancements in treating diseases that lack effective treatment options today.

Laigo Bio is where innovation meets life-changing solutions,
forging a path toward a healthier tomorrow.





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